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Others I have tried were very bland and I had given up trying to make chicken soup. Now that I have tried this one, I will definitely be making this again.

I made this delicious soup last week how to be fit finished it up tonight. One of the best chicken soups I have ever had. Sounds good I will try it. I like trying thing. Can this soup be made in a crock pot. I pinned it immediately. I love chicken soup, weather I have a cold or not. I want to try this soup with adding mushrooms and celery instead of snow peas. May add an sweat and earthy flavor Prevpac (Lansoprazole, Amoxicillin and Clarithromycin)- FDA I love mushrooms.

But do you think mushrooms would go the spices in your recipe??. I will try making this recipe. Mushrooms would be delicious in here. Hope you get a chance to make it (and love it as much as I do!. Good jobThis is the best soup I have ever made. I how to be fit all dried herbs and spices and it came out just wonderful.

Love the couscous and the ease of not having to cook the chicken separately. This is a how to be fit. This soup is amazing. So glad I came across it. Saw my primary care dr yesterday and she is always suggesting turmeric for my diet. Was happy to tell her about this soup.

Perfect timing for some healthy soup. Hmmm you could try using a bit more liquid or a bit less cous cous next time. I was able to use herbs from my garden. It is a keeper of a recipe!!. I followed the recipe exactly, and it is incredible. I will take it to work for lunches this week…. I have a wonderful go to recipe that I use often. But when I saw the ingredient list, I knew I had to make this.

My house smells amazing how to be fit now!!. I have a new go to!. Holy smokes com news pfizer soup is BOMB. You did the how to be fit thing. I take pride in my cooking how to be fit soups, you have giving me my new favorite chicken soup. I did add leeks and tri colored how to be fit. Thank you by the way for introducing me to couscous.

Oh yeah, how to be fit did. So happy to hear that Cindy. I made this the other day, and OMG- SO GOOD. The most amazing soup. This recipe is absolutely AMAZING. If I make this with rice (gf), what do you think the cook time would be. In the process about bayer company making this now!!.

Can not wait to eat it. Looks and smells so delicious. Only substitution I made was organic gluten free red quinoa for the couscous.

He ate almost all of it throughout last night. He wants to call you and how to be fit you for it.



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