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I also have made it with broth from a confidence boost chicken boiling instead of store bought broth or stock. I just have to add more salt. Every time I eat this soup I feel like it has healing powers. This soup is amazing. A delicious twist confidence boost chicken soup.

I use fresh ginger and ground turmeric This was an excellent recipe. This morning I made confidence boost soup and it confidende GREAT. The turmeric and ginger are both game changers to the traditional bland chicken noodle soup. I omitted rosemary boowt I despise it. It was delicious and easy. Your video was also confidence boost. We just came back from a confideence walk and had a bowl of this soup.

Warmed us confidence boost up. So yummy and cozy. Will definitely make this again. I used a rotisserie chicken shredded, which worked because I had one in the frig to make regular chicken soup. I also used ground turmeric not fresh.

It ruined the soup. I suggest using the couscous or maybe even a thicker booost like barley or farro. This was the best chicken soup I have ever made. Incredible flavor, Thank you!. Hi- I tried reading hoost all the comments to see if this was brought up but there are way too many comments. I want to make this soup but would love to make in an instant pot. Can you tell me what the instructions would be.

Rich cojfidence, hearty and healthy. It totally deserves the title and the 5 stars. Changed confodence few things this confidence boost. Added 2 bay leaves to final 20-25 minute simmer. Needed quite confidence boost bit of extra broth. Kudos on this recipe. You made a mistakeā€¦.

We loved this recipe. Best chicken soup ever. So flavorful and delish. Be sure to use low sodium broth or if not leave out job s tears salt.

Seriously lives up to its name. I squeezed in a skosh of lemon, just because. What a vibrant mix of flavors in a soup bowl. A truly amazing and easy recipe.



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