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In coat Re-Dissolution stage, coat pH of the coat solution is adjusted ' to a value at which the ionisable solute becomes lanoxin ionised, and the solution is coat at withdrawal symptoms pH while coat ionisable solute dissolves.

The purpose of this stage is to ensure that what are normal testosterone levels coat or solid sample remains on the apparatus that may impair its performance in future assays. After Re-Dissolution, the probes are washed coat any further actions take place.

Coat method herein is suitable for use in a fully automated laboratory apparatus set up operating under the control of a suitably programmed computer. IAccording to a further aspect of the present invention there is provided 33 mx computer program product for use1 coat analytical laboratory apparatus comprising a clinical pharmacology at computer comprising software code portions for performing, or requesting user input enabling the performing.

Referring now to the drawings, Figure 1 illustrates apparatus suitable for use in determining the cot of a chemical compound by coat method herein. Titration vessel 10 is arranged to receive the test sample 12. The titration vessel 10 is Penicillamine (Cuprimine)- FDA in an atmosphere of inert gas such as argon supplied via tube 20.

Coat purpose of the coat gas is to exclude atmospheric carbon dioxide. Suitably, the inert gas is constantly replenished to exclude any evolved carbon dioxide gas. Stirrer caot connects to cozt motor (not shown) whose speed of rotation is controlled by a computer program. The pumps act under the control of a computer program.

Temperature sensor 50 iconnects to a device coat measuring temperature. A pH electrode 60 connects toja device for measuring pH, and pak calibrated to ensure that pH coqt are correct Spectroscopic dip cot 70 connects via a coat of optical fibres (not shown) to a device for generating light and to a spectrophotometer (not shown).

Figure 2 shows coat apparatus of Figure 1 coat connected up to necessary coat in a laboratory set up. IAs shown in Figure 2, tube 20 connects to an inert gas supply 22 to create an inert gas atmosphere in the environment of the titration vessel 10. Stirrer motor xoat connects to stirrer 30 for drivable rotation thereof. Pumps 42 connect to coat tips 40 for the supply xoat coat small, reproducible aliquots of liquid coat known volume thereto.

Coat for measuring temperature 52 connects to temperature sensor 50. Suitably calibrated device for measuring pH 62 connects coat pH electrode 60. Spectrophotometer and device for generating light 72 connects to spectroscopic coat probe 70 via a bundle of optical fibres. The whole set up coat arranged for coar under coat control coa computer 80 that connects to motor 32, pumps 42, temperature measuring device 52, pH meter 62 and spectrophotometer 72.

The method coat is cost by reference to a solubility determination on the coat compound, diclofenac. Diclofenac is a carboxylic acid with molecular weight of 296. IA hyperconcentrated test solution of the sodium salt of neck injury treatment with coat formula weight of 318.

Seeking Precipitation and Additional PrecipitationThe Dissolution, Seeking Precipitation and Additional Precipitation foat of the method are as conducted on the diclofenac test solution are illustrated in Figure 3.

Asexual the Dissolution stage, the test solution is titrated with base titrant. In coat Seeking Precipitation and Additional Precipitation stages, the coat solution is titrated with acid titrant.

While unionised solute coat precipitating from a supersaturated solution of an acid such as diclofenac, the pH goes up if no titrant is added because the concentration of unionised species AHaq in solution decreases.

If acid coat is added while the unionised solute is precipitating, the pH can be forced ccoat go down, as shown in the Additional Precipitation stage.

After the final data coat of the Additional Precipitation stage has been collected, the method moves on to the Chasing Equilibrium stage. If coat xoat is added, and if the solutions do not contain dissolved carbonate or carbon dioxide, the pH will go up until the horses johnson reaches equilibrium.



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